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How to Find Top Domains Rankings

How to Find Top Website

see my ip info Regardless of whether you’re playing out an exploration task, endeavoring to discover leads, or you’re investigating your organization’s opposition, site positioning measurements are an indispensable and ground-breaking part of your weapons store.

As an area name expert and specialist, I utilize near information to recognize new chances, look for unfamiliar space deals, and new administrations to expound on.

How would you locate the highest level sites and area names? As you would expect, there are a few unique administrations accessible to help you. Here are my top picks for administrations to locate the top sites and spaces on the Internet.

Launched in 2020 as a new powerful product from IPInfo, offers powerful and fast access to domain name data.

Before launching, was hard at work ranking the top 10 million domain names. The ranking system is based on backlinks, page content, and more, so it’s a far more intelligent ranking process than you may have expected. Domain rankings are also updated on a monthly basis.

The entire list is available to download for free in one .csv file but if you want to be more specific with your analysis, you can use’s API to check the rank of specific domain names. This is the most useful way to interact with’s ranking system if you are looking to inspect and compare ranking data for particular domains.

After signing up for an account, which starts from free for 1,000 requests, will give you an API token that can be used to return data on domains.

For example, if I wanted to check’s rank, I can type in$TOKEN, replacing “$TOKEN” with your own API token.

From that, among other things, I can see that is currently ranked by as the #2 site in existence., in comparison, is ranked as #5.


SimilarWeb, founded in 2007 by Or Offer and Nir Cohen, allows users to delve into specific details for a ranked domain. By navigating to SimilarWeb’s Top Websites list, you can see SimilarWeb’s ranking system as well as their estimated pages per visit, visitor duration, and bounce rate.

If SimilarWeb ranks the domains you’re looking to analyze or compare, the data provided can help to lead changes on your own website, for example.

The data from SimilarWeb is gathered by several sources including crawling, first-party direct measurement, and anonymous behavioral data. While SimilarWeb doesn’t carry data for all domains and websites, the data can offer insights into more popular websites, and those companies or website owners that have manually verified their traffic data with SimilarWeb.


Ahrefs, one of the leading SEO research and analysis companies, offers something called Ahrefs Rank (AR), which ranks all the domain names in their vast database by the size and quality of their backlink profile.

The ranking system seems, on the surface, less comprehensive than the comparable ranking system, but both offer useful features for analysis tasks.

The Ahrefs Rank relies on the total number of backlinks a domain has cross-referenced with the quality of those backlinks. The more high quality backlinks a domain name has, the closer its AR is to the number one spot.

Access to Ahrefs Rank is available for free for a domain name that you own, but to compare your Ahrefs Rank with an unrelated domain, you will need to register for a premium plan, starting from $99 per month.


For very basic domain and website comparisons that are quick and free to access, is your destination. Owned by Amazon, although not to be confused with the helpful digital assistant, Alexa is one of the oldest traffic analysis companies.

Alexa ranks are accessible by visiting, replacing with the domain you wish to analyze.

The Alexa ranking system is regarded as relatively inaccurate for any domain not ranked in its top 100,000.

To be ranked in the top 100,000 websites, you have to receive significant traffic. For websites outside the top 100,000, the rankings give a general signal of the traffic the site receives, but little aside from this.

As I mentioned in the opening paragraph, I am a domain name analyst and consultant. These tools play a highly critical role in the suite of services that I regularly use, in particular for finding newsworthy features for my blog.

By using’s monthly domain ranking database updates, for example, I can track the progress of newly developed premium domain names in terms of popularity growth before writing about those sales.

One such example is, a domain name acquired for a six-figure sum by a new social platform that I noticed while filtering’s ranking list. The name has now been developed and is climbing the ranking, currently ranked at just outside 1.1 million.

This may not be a traditional usage example that you would expect from one of these services, but I believe it shows the versatility of the likes of SimilarWeb,, or Ahrefs for producing creative data for hundreds of scenarios.

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